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Our Story

'Our story' is pretty simple really - it's about a beekeeper and his daughter combining their talents to bring beautiful healthy honey products direct from the hive to you. Marina Stelmach is the daughter, creator and owner behind the business and brand, Geoffrey’s Honey. Geoffrey Thomas is the beekeeper and man who 'takes all the stings' to produce this delicious raw honey.
Geoffrey remembers selling his first pail of honey in 1965 to the local corner store – just two doors down from his parent’s farm at Nudgee, a quiet semi-rural suburb in Brisbane. As a fearless fourteen year old Geoffrey discovered a swarm of bees in a tree on the property which he captured in a box and it was then that this story really began. Geoffrey had found his passion. He was completely fascinated by this unique creature – the Bee, and its ability to produce such a beautiful and pure product. As the boy became a man the fascination never waned. Moving through the various chapters of his life with his wife Rosalie, his love of beekeeping remained  constant. Now in his late sixties Geoffrey is still beekeeping. With his honey extracting plant situated on the family farm at Gatton in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, and hundreds of beehives geographically dispersed across picturesque Southern and Central Queensland, Geoffrey continues to do what he loves most – produce honey. 
At Geoffrey's Honey we care about our clients health and well being - bringing a product to the market that not only tastes delicious but is naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and prebiotic properties, making you feel healthy and fabulous. We are also excited about complementing our raw honey range with other deluxe premium products including apparel and gift ware. 'Pure Raw Goodness' is how we like to describe Geoffrey's Honey and we love it - we hope you do too Xx.     














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