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Q: I can taste different flavours and textures in Geoffrey’s Honey. Why is that?
A: We simply harvest our honey and bottle it. Our honey is not blended, heat treated or processed in any way and there are absolutely no additives in any form.
Q: Why do you not label the flavour or type of honey so I know what I am eating?
A: Honey is seasonal depending on what is in flower. We have many hives located in many locations across Southern and Central Queensland allowing our bees to pollinate many varieties of flower including Tea Tree, Black Heart, Lippia, Iron Bark, and many more.
Q: Why does my honey crystalise?
A: The crystallisation of honey is a natural process which occurs when the honey is raw, unprocessed and unheated. It is actually an indication of pure raw goodness!. Crystallised honey in its semi-solid state has the same flavour and quality characteristics as liquid honey, making it easier to spread on your toast for breakfast! If your honey crystallises simply follow the instructions on our label.


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